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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hilaria Baldwin: Post-Baby PHOTO

Hilaria Baldwin has just posted a pic of herself online… two days after giving birth to second child, a son Rafael.

Rafael joins sister Carmen, 21 months - both the children of Hilaria and actor Alec Baldwin. Alec also has an adult daughter, Ireland - her mother is Kim Basinger.

Back to the photo below… Hilaria is in her knickers and a bra, just a  few days post delivery:

She captioned it, on Instagram:

Update on us... Rafael is doing wonderfully! He is two days old now. Such a sweet little boy. I'm feeling well, been up with him every hour to two hours. I have been planning on doing post belly photos but didn't know if I was gonna have the guts to actually follow through. I hope you understand my intention here: I believe it is important to accept and love our form after going through a bit of a battle bringing life into this world. Deep breath, here we go...all the way from my glamorous hospital bathroom 😘 #ShrinkingBaldwinBabyBump#NoShame #LoveYourBody

It joins another realistic post-baby body: Kate Middleton…

...although, no… she didn't pose in a selfie in her undies and bra), but it proves that just after a baby is born (and likely for a long time afterwards), a woman will have a decent sized tummy bulge, and it is SO normal. Um, hello… you just grew a human! In my case, I grew two (5.3kgs worth of babies).

And so, yes. What Hilaria has posted is positive. Who cares if she looks super cute and her legs and arms are small and her hair is lovely… she is a pretty woman and was pretty before the birth too, and has a lovely body when she is and isn't pregnant (she's also a yoga teacher, BTW).

So, no social media bashing, please. Onya, Hilaria.

You wouldn't have seen me in my in undies, but this post is not about me, it's about Hilaria.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Petition aims to ban baby ear-piercing: why I won't sign

I have signed online petitions before. Yes, I have.

Mainly when people seek to change laws concerning kids and animals, anything relating to violence against women. Gay rights. You know, meaningful things.

But this.

I truly can't even.

And I don't say 'can't even.'

A petition which aims to ban baby ear-piercing?

It strangely makes me think of 'Mean Girls': "stop trying to make 'fetch' happen."

As it applies to this: stop trying to make us 'outraged' about something that has nothing to do with you. Stop trying to make something that is not relevant to you happen.

Piercing my daughter's ears? Butt out.

I had my daughter's ears pierced when she was about five months old. And I think I left it too late!

For us (and by us, I mean people of Italian background), it's a cultural thing.

My mother had my ears pierced when I was young.

It involved my mother, my godmother, my aunt… and some metho.

And guess what? I don't remember it.

Isn't that the whole point? It's done when you're too young to recall the pain?

This petition wants to:

Make it illegal for babies/toddlers to get their ears pierced. Set a minimum legal age requirement.

They say:

Why is this important?

It is a form of child cruelty. Severe pain and fear is inflicted upon infants unnecessarily. It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent's vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal- this should be no different.
I don't even know where to start with this. So I will start here: 'cruelty'. 'Parent's vanity.' 'Illegal'.

As my parents used to say, "Fatti i cazzi tuoi."

Which means, "Mind your own effing business."

It's almost funny, this petition. As funny as sending it to Italy and South America where piercing is the norm, and is done sometimes before the baby leaves hospital.

The Italians and South Americans can have a chuckle over their caffe, over your concern for their child.

'How A Baby Is Made' - The 1975 Book Going Viral: PHOTOS

The birds and the bees.

This book.


Kiddies - we have to teach them someday about where babies comes from (*dread*) and this 1975 book 'How a Baby Is Madewas written to show them every step of the process. Very graphically.

The book, written by Danish author, teacher, and psychotherapist Per Holm Knudsen chronicles the whole process of making a child, from conception to birth (get ready for those pics) with frank words and lovely illustrations.

Why is this now viral?

Facebook user Crysta-Mai Elassaad posted these pics to Facebook - and now they have been shared over 134,000 times.

Oh, and you can buy the book here! Got $270 spare…?


Sunday, June 7, 2015

'The Wiggles: Anthony's Fruity Feast': DVD Giveaway

'The Wiggles' release are ALWAYS loads of fun for the kids, and I love how they now highlight one of the 'The Wiggles' members and make various versions of the successful kids' show for kids and kidults to enjoy (go on, admit it - you sing along, right!?)

Releasing this month, 'The Wiggles: Anthony's Fruity Feast' is the original Wiggle Anthony Field in action, from the acclaimed TV program Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 2, Anthony has selected twelve of the tastiest favourites from 'Cowboy Anthony' to 'Captain's Magic Buttons'! They're served up fresh with over 40 songs and a delightful dessert of wiggly bloopers and a photo gallery ('TwinnieWorld' has two DVD copies to giveaway - scroll down for more!)

When asked to describe Anthony's Fruity Feast!, he replied, "It's yummy, yummy!"

The special features on 'The Wiggles: Anthony's Fruity Feast' are:

- Wiggly Bloopers and a photo gallery.

Releasing June 3, $19.95, 12 episodes, running time 140 minutes.

NOW! How to enter (to win one of FIVE copies on offer):

- Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you are on the social media platforms. Also, share a 'The Wiggles: Anthony's Fruity Feast' photo on my @josiegags Instagram page by taking a screenshot of it, then using these hashtags: #regram #josiesjuice #competitions #giveaways #prizes #TheWiggles

- Share this link on your Facebook wall

- Comment below on why you'd like to win this DVD (although it's on sale now on both formats, only DVD version - with ALL the extras above - on offer here) AND email me at so I can contact you in case you are a winner. In the email, please provide your address (so many people forget these steps and don't enter a valid email address below, and I spend lots of time trying to track you down, or simply give the prize to the next person - not fun for anyone!)

(If you find it hard to comment below because your device won't let you - sometimes that happens on an iPhone, for example - simply send me your entry and mailing address via email at

*Competition is open to Australian residents only.