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Friday, November 15, 2013

Twins born but haven't realised it yet

This is the most precious newborn baby video I've seen, of multiples or singletons.

Watch + share:

What a bond! Such incredible closeness...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'The Video Every Mom Must Watch On Repeat Until She Gets It'

I, quite simply, love the title of this video and post.

YES. We need to 'get it', and lay off ourselves a bit.


Did you get it? Will you start to change your perspective on how you 'mother'?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Roadshow Children's DVD giveaway!

The folks at Roadshow Entertainment have THE best kiddie DVD giveaways, hands down.

Think trusty characters like 'Thomas The Tank' and 'Fireman Sam' and of course, that ABC TV classic - as Australian as they come - 'Play School'.

And now, in a Christmas DVD giveaway bonanza, they have a slew of festive releases up for grabs. Right here!

Here we are:

'Chuggington – Chug Patrol: Ready To Rescue'. Release date: November 6 SRP: $14.95

'Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood: Hello Neighbour!' Release date: November 6 SRP: $19.95

'The Adventures of Figaro Pho: Scares, Spills & Spooky Stuff'. Release date: November 6 SRP: $19.95.

'Play School: Shake, Rattle & Roll'. Release date: November 6 SRP: $19.95

'Little Princess: A Merry Little Christmas'. Release date: October 2 SRP: $19.95.

'Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway' Release date: October 2. SRP: $19.95

Plus, there's the CGI-animated movie 'Saving Santa', which follows an elf called Bernard, who always tries to do the right thing but seems to mess everything up. When Santa lets Bernard in on his greatest secret – a hidden time machine on his sleigh – it’s not long before a renegade group storms the North Pole in hopes of securing the device, forcing Bernard to travel back in time in an epic journey to save Santa and keep the secret of Christmas locked away forever. Out November 27.

Plus, everyone’s favourite imaginative girl Kioka returns with her trusty friends in 'Here Comes The Circus'. Out November 6.

And, for slightly older kids, 'Nicky Deuce', the story of an over-protected suburban teen who has the adventure of a lifetime when his plans to attend math camp go awry and he is forced to spend time with his extended family. After mistakenly earning a reputation as a tough guy and transforming into his new persona, Nicky Deuce, Nick soon uncovers family secrets and learns that the mean streets of Brooklyn aren’t always what they seem. Out November 6. SRP: 

Also out on November 6 is 'Fireman Sam: Pontypandy Gone Wild.'

Told you there was lots on offer from Roadshow!

Here is all you need to do to enter!

- 'Like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page
- Share this link on your Facebook wall
- Email me at: josiegags {@} with your DVD of choice, and your address.

That's it!

Comp is open for one month, and winners will be notified by email, with prizes sent soonafter.

 A BIG thanks to Roadshow Entertainment Australia for the prizes.