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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scunci Products + Reader Giveaway

Scunci hair accessories - they are my number one staple for a very glam five year old who has seriously good hair.

No, really. Look at it! Natural curls, her natural colour (obv!)... and I like to say she got it from me!

And so, the fabulous folk at Scunci have been super-kind to readers of Twinnie World and organised TWO gifts packs for you to win!

Here is what each pack contains:

Those teeny, tiny Scunci snag-free hair elastics - 180 of them!
You can never have enough of these babies
The fab new Bendini clip... so easy to use!
The above clips are monster-big!

A fabulously flexible headband

To enter, simply follow these easy steps below:

- Like the Josie's Juice Facebook page - simply click here
- Share this link on your Facebook wall
- In the comments section or on email, tell me why you'd love to win this Scunci hair accessories pack
- Email me at

For more, click on the Scunci Australia website here.

And you can 'like' the Scunci Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.

Zimmiz - Soft Toy + App. Plus: reader giveaway

These cute critters are the latest craze for kids to enjoy their iPhone or iPod on a whole other level. They're called Zimmiz. Look!

It's a new soft toy and phone app for four year olds and up, developed by Big Foot Toys, and features remarkably lifelike 3D graphics, animation and sensory technology, which brings interactive fun to life.

Bringing the Zimmiz app to life is the specially-designed, adorable alien, which features a snug pocket to securely house your child's iPhone or iPod. The soft plush “suit” also features poseable hands and antennas, and an ergonomically designed sleeve on its back to carry Zimmi with.

“Children today gravitate to smart phones and tablets as much as they do to their favourite teddy bear,” said Rowan Isaacs, Marketing Director and Co-inventor of Zimmiz. “Zimmiz represents the best of both worlds. It brings play to vivid life – and sets the stage for meaningful and rewarding experiences that go far beyond those of traditional toys.”

Smart phones and tablets? In our home they are a daily tool. Especially with five year old twins, one with an autism diagnosis (hence our introduction to the world of the iPad), the Zimmiz soft toy is a welcome tool for my son's hand-me-down iPhone (which now acts as an iPod).

Zimmiz shows a range of playful emotions and reactions to the constantly-shifting stimuli it encounters – the app includes more than 300 animations and random actions for endlessly unpredictable and amusing interactive fun: Zimmiz laughs when tickled, forgets to cover his mouth when he sneezes, closes his eyes when he gets tired, becomes annoyed when poked, blows bubbles with gum, sings, repeats, fogs up the screen, chokes on his food, burps and even… farts! Yup. Love that.

When Zimmiz is dropped, held upside down or given a little shake, he may laugh, get dizzy, or, worse, get sick.

Children gain access to a whole range of cool games too – they can make their Zimmi entirely their own by customising its eyes and skin colour as well as the shape of its nose, lips, teeth and signature birthmark with millions of possible combinations.

Developed by a team led by David Smith - an animator for the blockbuster film, Happy Feet -  Zimmiz uses television-quality animation and 'foneface' technology to depict highly-detailed emotions and movements. It's powered by stunning sensory technology and high-quality 3D animation, so Zimmiz can be angelic or mischievous (like my kids... all kids!), but is always endearing, with wide-open sparkling eyes and chubby cheeks that light up the screen with incredibly lifelike facial expressions (hmmm, yes... like real-life children).

The Zimmiz app can be found at the App Store - and it's free. An Android version of the new app will follow next year. 

The Green Zimmiz plush toy retails for $24.95 and is available to buy from leading toy stores and from here.

Baby Zimmi (in pink), Girl Scouts (red) and Soldier Boy (blue) Zimmiz will be available early 2013.

You can “like” the Zimmiz page here + follow Zimmiz here and view their YouTube channel here

Oh, and you can win one of two Zimmiz here. Here is all you need to do:

- 'Like' the Josie's Juice Facebook page by clicking here
- Share this link on your Facebook wall
- Reply in comments below or on email why you'd like to win this for your child
- Email me at with your address details in case you are a winner