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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scunci Products + Reader Giveaway

Scunci hair accessories - they are my number one staple for a very glam five year old who has seriously good hair.

No, really. Look at it! Natural curls, her natural colour (obv!)... and I like to say she got it from me!

And so, the fabulous folk at Scunci have been super-kind to readers of Twinnie World and organised TWO gifts packs for you to win!

Here is what each pack contains:

Those teeny, tiny Scunci snag-free hair elastics - 180 of them!
You can never have enough of these babies
The fab new Bendini clip... so easy to use!
The above clips are monster-big!

A fabulously flexible headband

To enter, simply follow these easy steps below:

- Like the Josie's Juice Facebook page - simply click here
- Share this link on your Facebook wall
- In the comments section or on email, tell me why you'd love to win this Scunci hair accessories pack
- Email me at

For more, click on the Scunci Australia website here.

And you can 'like' the Scunci Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here.


  1. I'd give these products to my gorgeous niece, though I may keep the Bendini clips for myself...gotta spoil myself sometimes, don't I?!

  2. Scunci should be every girl's best friend, kind and gentle to the hair with tender loving care.

  3. (Liked, shared and thank you for this giveaway. Rachel Kriss-Newell,

    My daughter has the most beautiful dark curls
    Of ringlet style, naturally hers
    She's coming around to letting me
    Play with her hair, use clips, scrunchies.

    She'd love this Scunci haircare pack
    Coming as a special present she would react
    Very positively to being gently swayed
    To allowing me to play with her gorgeous hair and to braid.