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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wonka Chocolate Masterclass and Golden Ticket

In July, I took part in a fun day of experimental chocolate making with the master chocolate makers: Wonka!

Here are some fun pics from the day:

It was also the day the Mr Wonka announced that he had hidden five WONKA GOLDEN TICKETS in his chocolate inventions, and will open the doors to his Chocolate Factory and Inventing Room for one day only this October. The winners have been chosen and the five lucky winners get to go into Wonka's world this week!

Fun facts from Mr. Wonka’s 'Stupendous Study of Chocolate' were also revealed, such as: that for 90% of Australians chocolate is their preferred sweet treat of choice*

And, so excited at the prospect of seeing behind WONKA’s wondiferous doors are 47% of Australian parents, that they have said they would even give up their mobile phone for a day or their beloved coffee for a week for the chance to see and experience the Master’s Invention Room.

48% of the nation’s chocolate eaters said unwrapping and eating a block of chocolate is as exciting for them as waking up on Saturday morning and realising it’s the weekend. (Just quietly, the ability to sleep in all over again on a weekend would be fab… the twins let me; it's my now pre-programmed body clock that won't!)

The five finders of the tickets will experience once in a lifetime, privileged access to the wonder of the Chocolate Factory, as well as enjoy a top-secret invention session with Mr. Wonka’s CCO (Chief Combobulation Office) in his private Inventing Room. During this assembly, each winner will be asked to formulate the most wondiferous invention they can – something that inspires, delights, amuses, and that they can call their own; living proof that dreams can come true.

Scrumdiddlyumptiousness Advisor, Chris O’Donnell explains why now marks the perfect time for Mr. Wonka to announce such an exciting opportunity. “October, the luna month of chocolate for Oompa Loompas is the most fitting time for Mr. Wonka to share some of his secrets of ‘sweet success’ with five very lucky families. In a world-first, Mr. Wonka will also select one family’s WONKA Chocolate block invention for his Oompa Loompas to produce in 2015. Now, that’s a family legacy to leave behind!” says Chris.

The poignant childhood memories created by Mr. Wonka’s original 1971 feature film – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - live on in our nation’s psyche. Reminiscent of little Charlie Bucket’s experience, Wonka’s Stupendous Study of Chocolate found that Australia’s sweetest childhood memory was walking to the local corner shop to buy a special treat.

The study also found that:
·     Those that choose chocolate over other sweet foods are more creative and adventurous than their lolly or ice cream counterparts.
·     The nation’s chocolate eaters said unwrapping and eating chocolate is as exciting for them as:
o   Spending time with close friends (28%)
o   Receiving and unwrapping birthday presents (22%)
·     Aussies show slightly peculiar and particular ritualistic behaviours around chocolate. 
o   25% insist that the block of chocolate must be facing upwards so they can see the pattern on the top whilst eating it
o   1 in 10 Australians have to eat squares from a specific direction, so only from left to right or opposite
o   1 in 3 of us also prefer to suck their chocolate than chew it

WONKA Chocolate is available in Woolworths, IGA and selected independent grocers, petrol and convenience outlets, including the newest creations WONKA Cookie Creamery and WONKA Mudpuff Caramelstuff. (See pics below… don't drool now. Better still, get into some blocks… the Cookie Creamery is highly addictive).

The WONKA GOLDEN TICKET promotion is now over (the five winners have been chosen) and will run in Australia and New Zealand from 28 July 2014 until 8 September 2014.

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