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Friday, October 10, 2014

'Friends Without Kids': WhatsUpMoms - VIDEO

I was introduced to this funny page by Giselle Ugarte - who presents the Weekend Today show gossip reports for Australian TV… it's called 'What's Up Moms', run by three American   mothers named Elle, Meg and Brooke, and they upload very funny YouTube videos which clearly translate across the oceans for us Aussie mums.

Here is a video called: 'Friends Without Kids' - mothers, you will relate:

Elle is in this video, and she says of the video:

"An overdue explanation of why it's sometimes hard for me to hang out. Thanks to all who have shared this and confirmed I'm not the only one.

"Shot & edited by Elle in a semi sleep deprived state between feedings".

Want to see the rest of the channel? See more and subscribe here.

And you can follow WhatsUpMOMS on all the social media networks below:

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