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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tvillinger og leggetid! / Twins bedtime

'Twins bedtime': the viral video with over 1.8 million hits.

Says the video creator Henriette Jonassen:

"I made a little blog for this video;

I've been struggeling with getting my twins asleep for a few weeks now (due to extremely hot weather and long, sunny days), and I've tried different methods. This one was definitely the worst one! But it gave me a good laugh tho.

And BTW: they have always shared room, I just thought I'd try something different for a few days, and it turned out to be a bad idea."

Watch the video below:

Can you relate? Are you a twinnie mum (or dad) and are going through this now?

My husband and I have LOADS of experience putting our twins to bed. We run a bloody tight ship and it's the thing we pride ourselves on the most - a united front when it comes to bedtime. And a no nonsense approach. Everyone sleeps in their own bed and nobody gets up during the night. Thank GOD. That sleep deprivation in the first eight or so months was sending me mental. I can relate to Henriette's frustration though - things can go pear-shaped super quick if you don't have a steely resolve with these mini people!

Share your experiences below.

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  1. Oh my goodness. You'd just give up wouldn't you. She has more patience than me. Just put them in the one bedroom...please...