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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann drink placenta smoothie

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann drank the pulverised placenta from Kim's body just after the birth of their twins, all mixed up in a smoothie.

I'll let that just sink in for a bit. I will not be held responsible if you feel queasy. I did. Vom.

Imagine if you'd seen the clip. I watched the scene when the show Kim and Kroy star in screened this week on Australian TV - it's a Foxtel show called 'Don't Be Tardy', which started this week exclusively on the Arena channel. It's now season three of the show, with the first season called 'Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding', documenting the couple as they prepared for their wedding and as well as the wedding day itself. More on the show below.

I actually could not watch abovementioned placenta smoothie scene. I covered my eyes and looked away but I did not mute it. I wanted to hear the exchange between husband and wife (who got married in series one of the show, and who already have two boys together, after joining Kim's daughters, Ariana age 12 and Brielle age 17, from her previous relationship).
Said Kim in the placenta smoothie episode:

“I’m nervous,” Zolciak says when the placenta encapsulation specialist arrives at her hospital room. “What do you do with the smoothie? Tell me about it.”

After revealing that she will take a piece of Zolciak’s placenta and put it in a smoothie, the expert describes it as “just like raw meat.”

“Dr. Hood has really scared the sh*t outta me with this whole postpartum depression, especially with twins because your levels are through the roof and my friend told me eating your placenta can help with that,” Zolciak says to camera. “I can do anything by my babies.

But Zolciak’s husband Kroy Biermann isn’t really on board at all when she tells him to drink a smoothie with her.

“I love my wife and I’ll do a lot for her, but you might as well pick your nose and throw a few boogers in. It’s been inside of you,” he says to Kim.

“Physically you’ve been inside me, right?” she says to Kroy.

“Yeah, my penis,” he says, “but that’s fine.”

Zolciak tells him, “Don’t f**ckin’ back out on me, I just pushed out two of your children and one of them breach and my p*ssy’s tore to hell because of it. You are drinking the f**king smoothie Kroy.”

"Afterbirth is what's for dinner", adds the placenta-smoothie woman Melanie Nasmyth (she's actually called a 'placenta encapsulation specialist), expertly blending what looks like chopped up meat in a bag.

So after blending and a mutual “cheers!” between the duo, they take their first sips.

“It tastes like a fruit smoothie,” says Kim. “Kroy, just drink it,” she tells her husband.

“Oh, there it is,” Kroy says after a cautious sip. “I got a three minute delay aftertaste.”

Kim isn’t the first celeb to eat their placenta after birth — Holly Madison talked about eating hers after giving birth, as well as January Jones and Alicia Silverstone.

Here are some photos for you to feast on. Yummy. And below… the entire first ep.

You can follow the social media convo with the hashtag #DontBeTardy.

'Don't Be Tardy' screens in Australia on Foxtel on Arena on Wednesdays at 9.30pm. Look at guides for repeats throughout the week.

Here is the entire first ep, including the placenta smoothie (at around 9min, 30sec):

After a successful season one, it was announced the series was to be renewed for a second season, with the series being renamed to its current title. Season 2 premiered in the US on April 16, 2013.

The second season shows  Zolciak as she moves on from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' to take care of her family, building her dream home and living out of the townhouse with the couple's growing family.

Kroy met Kim in May 2010 while Zolciak was attending the 'Dancing Stars of Atlanta' charity event to support her 'Real Housewives' cast member Sheree Whitfield. Biermann and Zolciak started dating and just three months later, Zolciak was pregnant. On May 31, 2011, Zolciak gave birth to son Kroy Jagger Biermann Jr. with then-boyfriend Biermann. This was Biermann's first child and Kim's first son. The couple wed at their previous Atlanta home on November 11, 2011. On March 20, 2012 Kim announced via Twitter that she and Kroy were expecting their second child together. On August 15, 2012, they welcomed their second son Kash Kade Biermann. It was announced on June 5, 2013, that the couple is expecting their third child together and Zolciak's fifth. It was then announced on August 19, 2013, that the couple was expecting a set of twins, which is the couples' third and fourth child together and Zolciak's fifth and sixth. Zolciak announced that she gave birth to her twins on November 25, 2013. The girl is named Kaia Rose after "Psychic Rose" - who Kim is seen visiting throughout her time on The Real Housewives - while her boy, Kane Ren, includes Ren after Zolciak's Ob-Gyn who has delivered 5 out of her 6 children.

Bravo announced the third season renewal of 'Don't Be Tardy' in April 2014. Season 3 premiered on July 17, 2014. The third season features Kim and Kroy's two new twins (a boy and a girl), their first two children together (both boys) and their two teenagers (adopted by Kroy but from previous relationships of Kim's). The four younger children are all under the age of four. Kroy dealt with a football injury that temporarily suspended his football career. The family has moved into their completed 17,000 square-foot home and Kim has hired a team of staff to maintain the estate.

Here are some snap of the big, happy family (all photos Life & Style magazine - click here for more):

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