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Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Planes': Disney Movie on DVD - Competition

Sometimes dreams just need to be followed no matter how high you have to soar!

OH, what a beautiful take home message for kiddies!

Be the first to see Planes with the exclusive digital download period kicking off on March 27, 2014 or experience Dusty Crophopper’s ups and downs on Blu-ray and DVD from April 9.

Dusty had always envisioned leaving crop dusting behind to join the exciting world of air racing but a fear of heights, mixed in with a few naysayers, leaves a crushed Dusty wondering whether or not the racing scene is for him after all.

With encouragement from mentor Skipper Riley who takes the novice racer under his wing, Dusty begins to train for the Wings Across the World race. Despite not qualifying, a rival’s devious move sees them eliminated and our underdog racing to the start line!

The cast includes Dane Cook (voice of Dusty), John Cleese (voice of Bulldog), Jessica Marais (yes, OUR Aussie actress Jessica, and the voice of Rochelle), Terri Hatcher (voice of Dottie) and Val Kilmer (voice of Bravo) who will take you on action-packed adventure through the fantasy world of Planes.

Blu-Ray features:
 Exclusive musical scene: Franz’s Song 
 Klay’s flight plan
 Deleted scenes
 Meet the rangers
 Top 10 flyers

Here is all you need to do to win one of FIVE copies of 'Planes', valued at $39.95 each.

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- Email me at with your details (address + name), and include why you'd like to win this DVD.

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  1. Thanks for the entries so far, folks! Keep them coming! And look out for 'Frozen' DVD comp coming soon on TwinnieWorld...