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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad Lip Synchs Daughter's Temper Tantrum

This is GOLD.

This father lip-synched his six-year-old daughter's temper tantrum outside her bedroom door.

Do you ever do this? You know, make fun of your child's tantrum?

It's not as mad - and cruel - as it sounds.

It's not something I do regularly, but... at the right moment (high pitched squeals) in the right environment (at home, or in the car when these kinda distractions can drive you nuts), it can diffuse an epic, ridiculous, about-nothing-at-all tantrum.

And: bonus side effect... my kids fall about in fits of laughter, or do that half-cry, half-laugh thing which is completely hilarious, endearing, and breaks the tension of a silly tanty likethat.

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