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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twins at 46 - "Having children at an older age is more rewarding and enjoyable"

At the age of 46, I had not only found love once more, but had also been blessed with twins.

The last time I was pregnant before the twins was in 1989 – when I was 28 years old. So it’s been a long time in between pregnancies.

I think being older and having had two other children kind of prepared me for having another child… but it had not prepared me for two of them!

It all seemed too easy when were in hospital when the nurses were around to help you, but nothing prepared me for what would happen at home. Feeding time was the most time consuming, but my biggest reward was the amazing bond I experienced this time around. It was something that I will cherish forever.

At the age of 23 or even 28 I don’t think I fully enjoyed the experience as much as I did with the twins. I think it was because I was much more relaxed and had the huge and never-ending support of my husband. I decided to breastfeed both girls at the same time as it was easier and hated that one of the twins had to wait until I finished feeding the other one.

I had a huge abundance of patience this time around and the whole day revolved around a strict routine, but every now and then when the routine was disrupted it sure created some chaos. Some days were spent in my dressing gown all day, doing nothing but tending to the girls; sleep was like a an old friend, missing in action.

Eventually the milk ran out and so the bottle feeding began, and lucky for me, the girls learned early to grab the bottle and feed themselves.

When they were babies my job was - most of the time - easy, but that wonderful virtue called ‘patience’ left me once the girls started talking.

The competitiveness from such an early age was overwhelming. They would - and still to this day do - fight over such things as who would get their hair brushed first, who would sit in the seat behind mummy or daddy in the car, who would get to ask a question first. The bickering is absolutely phenomenal, and there is no coming to an agreement with them because - at all costs - each one has to be first for everything.

I definitely have to stress that being older and having children at an older age - in my experience - has been more rewarding and enjoyable. So much so that today, at the age of 51 years young, if I could I would have another baby...

But, alas society definitely would not approve…

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