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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bec Judd Brings Twins Home

Bec Judd is home with her twinnies and looking gorgeous.

The family of six looks super happy (and no doubt mum and dad are tired) as the settle in a life that has changed forever.

Of course, at TwinnieWorld, we KNOW how hard it can be to tend to TWO mouths, bottoms, and demands.

Bec, we wish you all the very best with your newly expanded brood.

We may be a little (LOT) biased, but we think twins are the absolute BEST thing ever...

And Bec au naturel, sans makeup:

Bec also posted a pic in her skinny jeans (she's in the same outfit above), and some comments on social media has been less than nice.

I say: leave her be! Her body type is her body type, she has just delivered two beautiful, healthy babies, and it's not her first rodeo: the mamma of four clearly works, functions, and tends to her family.

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