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Monday, July 6, 2015

Flynn's Restaurant: diner's minimum age of seven

This post on Facebook… a friend alerted me and my guess is that it'll go viral:

It's from a Queensland restaurant called Flynn's.

It reads:

Flynns Restaurant requires diners be a minimum age of 7 years old. 

This is a reply to the post for Christine Hall. Yes, we have applied the rule of not permitting children below the age of 7 in the restaurant minutes after you left because we respect our guests' wishes to dine in a calm atmosphere. The feedback from our diners regarding screaming babies have been nothing but wholly negative and in the interest of their wishes we have decided to introduce this policy and it will stand.

As a born and bred European myself, I do follow a good dining etiquette and it is my responsibility as a manager to step in and politely convey information to the families with small children to find alternative arrangements (just like every other family does in Europe). If one pays money for having an enjoyable lunch during an anniversary or honeymoon, please do yourself and other patrons a favour by getting a babysitter or by removing the screaming baby from the room. It is purely out of respect for other diners, regardless whether they are two or twenty of them in the restaurant. Those are basic social skills and we do not feel that we should be teaching parents how to handle their children. Sonia Tymecka, the manager of Flynn's restaurant.

Your thoughts?

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