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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teachers Chosen At Start of School Year

Something strange happened today during day two of year 1 for my daughter.

Classes and teachers and classrooms were chosen for each of the year 1 students.

But that's not the strange part.

Mums... huddled. And complained. And talked about why THAT teacher was not the best for THEIR child.

I was a little... shocked.

Is this a 'thing'?

Now, granted, I am new to the whole schooling thing. I am into my second year of this with my twins.

But I kinda think that trusting the system, trusting the teachers who have (I would think) met together and discussed each child and where they are best suited, and with which teacher, is the way to go. To embrace what's chosen for your child.

And, here's the bonus... accepting what you have is stress-free!

There's nothing else to 'get', nothing to figure out.

Your child will be fine. You child will excel. Your child will prosper in that class.

As some mums gathered and discussed, I was left without many words. But I did have these to say:

Trust the universe. 

I will say that having a child with special needs changes your mindset on things, especially education, and just how much you can control.

My credo since my son was diagnosed with autism at age 2 is: relinquish control.

My son's school is not the school I chose for him. The Department of Education did, and initially, I was not happy.

It wasn't the school closest to me, it wasn't the school I'd visited a few times, it wasn't the school I had in my head, all pictured 'perfectly'.

Dept of Ed chose THIS school, and after I burst into tears when I read the letter that he was offered a place there (yes, I did - as it was not what I hoped, and while my journey with autism was a few years in, my experience of autism and school was non-existent) my husband assured me to just go with it. Trust it all. It will all work out the way it is meant to.

He was right. This school has ended up being the biggest blessing; the most wonderful mainstream school for my daughter, and the best mainstream school - with an autism support unit - for my son.

I think the 'best teacher' may just well be the very one your child has.

What is your experience of the new year of starting school?

Are you happy with it all? Have you spoken up about making changes? Are do you just let things go as they are and trust it will all work out?

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