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Friday, September 27, 2013

Tracey Annan - Mum of the Year 2013: Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards

The Mum of the Year was announced on Tuesday September 25, 2013, at the second annual Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards.

Industry professionals, media, bloggers and award contenders gathered for a high tea at Deckhouse, Woolwich to celebrate this year’s best and most innovative products for mum and baby. The Mum of the Year Award recognises the outstanding determination, love and strength of special mothers who’ve experienced great hardship, grief or exceptional circumstances.

The deserving winner of a year’s worth of groceries from Coles and the title of Mum of the Year was 41 year old Tracey Annan of Mt Warrigal, NSW.

Tracey is mother to Jaimi Lee, 14, Nathaniel, 11, and Wilson, 9. Tracey’s son, Nathaniel was born prematurely at 24 weeks. He faced many medical complications early on in life and was also diagnosed with autism. After a long battle with mental illness, Tracey’s husband, Mark, took his own life, leaving her to raise the family alone.

Tracey has since turned her life around, enrolling in a double-degree university course and is working three part-time jobs to provide for her family. She also dedicates her time to volunteer for multiple organisations, including the local primary school and the Watershed Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education Centre.

“After Mark’s death, I was frightened and unsure how I would raise three children on my own - and care for one who had special needs. I knew I had to be strong and carry on for my children. It would have been easy for me to drift along aimlessly but my kids were my inspiration. I spend every spare minute outside of work and study with them. I hope I can inspire others to use their hardships as motivation to help them achieve their dreams. More importantly, I hope to set a good example for my children, with a bit of hard work and determination anything is possible.”
Tracey has been awarded with a year’s supply of groceries from Coles to the value of $10,400. As a single Mum of three children, who works three jobs, studies and volunteers, Tracey is a deserving winner. The year’s supply of groceries is sure to relieve a lot of financial pressure, allowing Tracey more freedom and time to spend with her family.

“Being a good mum is about loving and being with your kids. Mums can be tough and not only survive, but survive well!”

What an utterly incredible and inspiring woman Tracey is. Huge congratulations to you, Tracey. You are the definition of resilient, and have proven you can turn your life around in the face of adversity.

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