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Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi-5: 'Some Kind of Wonderful' Movie

How fabulous are the group of young funsters which comprise the ever-evolving children entertainer's group we know as Hi-5?

My family and I recently went to 'Some Kind of Wonderful' - and they loved it.

Here is the trailer:

The doco-style film centres around the group's quest to find three new members for the enduring, international phenomenon.

It's suitable for ages five and up, and older kids [say, 8+] will appreciate it even more, as it's a kinda fly on the wall approach to showing how the team auditions new members.

It hit screens on March 23 and will screen throughout the [NSW] school holidays, until April 28, 2013.

And look! Here is the new team! That's Mary Lascaris, old members Stevie Nicholson and Lauren Brant, and Ainsley Melham [he's a Fairfield, NSW boy!], and Dayen Zheng.

For screening details, check local guides. And to like the group on Facebook, click here and to follow them on Twitter, click here.

Here are the appearance dates for the group - yes, they'll be at various screenings:

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