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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dumping kids at play centres - the new 'babysitting trend'

My mouth is agape here... are parents really doing this?

Leaving kids unattended at leisure and play centres and taking off to, I don't know, run errands, see a doctor, get nails done, have a latte?

The Herald Sun has reported that child safety commissioner Bernie Geary is 'condemning' parents for dumping kids at these venues and doing the Harry Holt (the bolt, a runner).

"It is dangerous to children and disrespectful to the people who run these facilities," says Geary.

The Herald Sun reports this is the result of parents wanting to avoid daycare costs. I think it is in fact parents having no alternative on a day they have "stuff to do" and in a moment of desperation [and complete madness] they leave them at a place where they think nobody will notice, and their kids will blend into the crowd.

I try and 'do parenting' with the following credo - never say never. That is, I try to never start a smug parenting statement with: "I would never do that to my child", because chances are, things change and maybe I will.

In this instance, I can categorically say that "I would never do that."

Seriously? Leaving kids anywhere unattended? Complete madness.

Have you heard of someone pulling this? Go on, spill.

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