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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's your magic 'baby number' - the Duggars? Twenty.

So, you've likely heard that American family the Duggars are expecting baby number 20.

Oh, yes: 2-0!

Many will be aghast, appalled, and mouth agape.

Me? I say they can do what they like. Have you seen how happy they each time they announce a pregnancy? These people are overjoyed.

See their announcement on US TV a few days ago:

They are already grandparents, and still they yearn for more babies. Instead of seeing a new baby as yet another mouth to feed (and bum to wipe and bod to settle to sleep) and viewing them as a burden, they see each new child as a blessing (which of course, they are).

Not surprisingly, their announcement has been met with much judgement, with many pointing to the fact that 45 year old Michelle gave birth to baby number 19 Josie prematurely due to preeclampsia (she was just 25 weeks along and weighed 1.5 pounds, or 0.680kg). Michelle also suffered a perforated bowel during her last pregnancy.

Around here... well, I am exhausted just with the twins. And that's our magic number, two.

Unless, you know, a lovely surprise comes our way...

The Duggars - headed up by mum Michelle and dad Jim Bob - already have nine girls and ten boys, who all have names beginning with the letter 'J'.

They first started their foray into television with 'The Duggars: Raising 16 Children' (on today on Foxtel at 2.30pm), which was then named '17 Kids and Counting', then renamed '18 Kids and Counting', then, you guessed it, '19 Kids and Counting'... soon to be... yep, 20.

Jim Bob is 46 and Michelle is 45, and their kids' ages range from 23 years to 23 months, with their 20th child due in April 2012.

Did you do the maths? Yep, pregnant every year, with an overlap in some years. Exhausted even thinking about it.

The big question - how do they even afford another baby? Answer: they live debt-free. Wow. (See them explain how in the clip above).

What do you think? It's their choice of course, but do you think it's a little OTT?

What's your magic number?


  1. I love kids but..... this is crazy. If she loves being pregnant, she should be a surrogate for those who can't have kids. Now that'd be a blessing. It's a blessing for her and hubby, but do the kids feel so blessed clambering for attention from the parents? I just believe, the less kids you have, the more love and attention you can give them. Just my opinion. Two is a great magic number, btw. That's what i'm aiming for :)

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anna. Two is def my magic number also. I feel myself spread rather thin as is, so 20? Wowser. All of a sudden: can't breathe...