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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twins - and why I started this blog

Oh, hi!

Hey, how are you?

If you're reading this it means you have twins.

Or, you're my friend and you know I have twins, and are curious to read about my misadventures (and have a sneaky giggle while muttering, "Phew, glad that's not me!").

Or, you've stumbled across me on Google and are wondering: "Well, what made you the authority on twins?"


I have 'em.

As [what the husb and I like to refer to as] "our first two and last two children" it has been quite the ride over the past three - almost four years.

Well, four years plus, really - because the fun starts as soon as you know you've got not one but two human beings cooking away in that [you-wait-and-see-how-big-you-get] belly.

This blog is for ALL of you.

Contribute, laugh at my expense, share your stories.

Most of all, remember. It's the twinnies' world. We just live in it. You will see.

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